Anne Binnington
Visual Arts & Healing Arts
Healing Arts
Healing Arts
About The Healing Arts
Anne has worked with performers ranging from West End professionals, musicians from the Royal Academy of Music in London, and The Piano Brothers. She also likes to work with a variety of animals, from hedgehogs to horses. Anything that breathes!
How it works
16th April

Very light, specific touch encourages a drop in tension and eases stress, thus enabling the body to use its own natural healing ability to bring about a state of well being on all levels.

Working with people
15th April


Healing- off body

Healing- on bodyIMG_0561

Working with BasilIMG_0906

Working with Basil

Working with birds
6th April

Working with a rescued Goldfinch


Working with dogs
28th March


Working with Digby.



Working with Dudley